"We at I. C. Music make music the old-fashion way. We play it ourselves."

"We 'ain't playin . . . . We playing!"

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Marshall is country through and through, A familiar sound yet unique as well and always ready to pull out his guitar and sing for a crowd.




Ariel has that rare angelic voice with original melodies that will have you singing along with her shortly after you hear her sing it the first time. She's that rare unique jewel you would see in Tiffany's if you were in Tiffany's looking for that rare unique jewel. Ariel's that treat for your ears and for your eyes. "Shine on Ariel. Shine on." 


Reggie, oh, Reggie has that tone, great male singers strive to try to get to. You will not hear a bad note come out of Reggie. However, you might see the hair on your arm stand at attention. Reggie's tone and delivery, it's sugar, yet it's raw, like a raw diamond in light. "Let your light shine Reggie. Let your light shine."


Adrianna, a songbird that when she lands on a song, she works it, she brings it. Adrianna has such a uniqueness in her song styling and in her voice. If you close your eyes and listen to her sing, you too will go "Whoe, wait a minute! Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing? Bring it, Adrianna, bring it."

ImageUnbreakable Bloodline

Unbreakable Bloodline - If unique is what you seek, Unbreakable Bloodline will bring your musical desires to a peak. 3 people out front. Each strong enough to front  their own band. Then there's 3 musicians that sound like 8. And together, they're not only unbreakable, they're unbelievable. "UBL, They get it. They get it."

ImageCommon Zenz

CommonZenZ - Rock, real Rock & Roll. There are lots of bands that try to play rock & roll and some can. Common ZenZ, they don't try to play it, they are it, they breathe it, they walk it, they live it, they talk it, they love it and they play it. And can sing. You don't hear it like this anymore. "And that's CommonZenZ."


Jesse is one of those artists that you say, what a talented singer. Then he plays a guitar solo that makes you wanna learn guitar, then grabs the saxophone for a solo or parts, whatever the song calls for. But he literally kills it. Now, some are like most and some get a double-dose. That's Jesse. "Hey Now, Hey Now."

ImageThe Rickenstein Band

The Rickenstein Band - Have you ever gone to a Name-Brand-Band-Concert and was listening to the opening band and all of a sudden, a "cloud of groove" fell over you? You feet went on automatic, your hands began to clap, your body started to sway a bit to the music? "Yeah! You know when you hear it. You can't help but smile. Cause it's then, when you've just been - Rickenstein'd."

ImageThe Ninjas

The Ninjas - All 3 are cousin. Family. There's something about "Family" that presents a closer DNA harmony, a closer movement, a closeness of character. For example, the Jacksons, the Isleys, the BGs, Earth Wind and Fire, Sly & The Family Stone. The closeness, the greatness. The Ninjas. "Ninj on brothers......."


Sticks - Sticks & Stones may break your bones, but Funk will never harm you. The Stickman. The voice. The smooth bass. The groove. The Bassman that sticks the note so good, they call him "Sticks." The smooth aroma of a fireplace lit and glowing, with the silk tone of the "Stickman's" zone. "Zone on Sticks, zone on.........."


Enough said. All together now!